Vula Bula is the first graded reading programme in African languages where progression from level to level is based on the phonics of each language.

Bridge to the Future Initiative (BFI)

Bridges to the Future Initiative, South Africa (BFI-SA2) is an initiative that focuses on the use of multimedia applications to promote reading in South Africa’s indigenous languages. It is available in Sepedi, Xitsonga, Tshivenḓa and English FAL.”

Bridge to English (BTE)

Bridge to English (BTE) was developed as a comprehensive English First Additional Language course intended to build on to the African language mother-tongue Breakthrough to Literacy programme. BTE is designed to develop the oral and literacy skills that prepare children …

Breakthrough to Literacy (BTL)

Breakthrough to Literacy (BTL) is a mother-tongue literacy course for the first three years of schooling that incorporates learner-centred and language experience approaches. This method utilises as the basis for learning to read and write the aural and oral language …